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The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program 2005 Christmas card is now available!

We have produced a Christmas card suitable for both personal and corporate use. Our Christmas card is exclusive to Heartwell Fitness and is produced in Australia.

Please order your cards from Heartwell Fitness and show your friends and business colleagues your support for a worthy cause. All net monies raised from sales of the Christmas cards will go towards the 2006 Scholarship Program.

To order your cards please call our office on (03) 9842 0396.

Saturday 29th October, 2005 is Clubs 4 Kids Day!

Help us give more children with serious illnesses, injuries and disabilities the opportunity to become involved in the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program and Clubs 4 Kids in 2006, simply by your Club taking part in the "Clubs 4 Kids Day" on Saturday 29th October, 2005.

In its inaugural year the "Clubs 4 Kids Day" is the principal annual fundraising event for the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program, allowing individual Clubs the opportunity to raise additional funds to support children from within their local community.

It is an event not only to raise funds, but to also raise greater awareness within your Club and your local community about Clubs 4 Kids and the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program.

Endorsed by Barry West, President CMAA (Victorian Zone), Barry encourages all Clubs to take part. The creation of the "Clubs 4 Kids Day" is the first time that the entire Club Industry has united in support of improving the health and well being of Victorian children with special needs.

Annual Bowling Day

More than 30 families took to the Northcote Bowls in June for the Annual Heartwell Fitness Bowling Day. A social get together held each year for the children and families involved in the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program. As always a fun and entertaining morning was had by all.

Results from the morning: Best Parent Child Combination - Melody Dulex and her Dad Stephane, Most Enthusiastic Competitor - Ben Fakalata, Highest Score - Gemma Berry and Jessica Matuszczak.

This year the "Thomas Keefe Award" went to Sebastian Reinehr. The Thomas Keefe Award is for the child who quite simply tries hard and smiles a lot, qualities displayed by Thomas when he attended his sessions at Heartwell Fitness. In memory of Thomas Keefe who lost his battle with leukaemia in February 1998.

Afternoon Tea at Crown

A sponsor since 2001 Crown Ltd is now the major sponsor of the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program. Sponsoring five children annually Crown has provided 25 scholarships in total, clearly demonstrating their belief in the work we do and their commitment to the Program.

Crown takes pleasure in assisting the children they sponsor, throughout the sponsorship year. Just last month Ann Peacock organised an afternoon tea for the children and their families. Held in the Conservatory at Crown a delicious buffet of food was prepared and enjoyed by all.

The children were kept amused and entertained by a performer who did amazing things with balloons. It was great to see Ann and other members of Crown's Charity Committee taking time out of their weekend to attend and meet the children.

We truly value Crown's involvement, Ann Peacock and the Charity Committee do a marvelous job supporting the Program and we look forward to this continuing for many years to come.

SDIA 2005 Golf Day

Recently Scott attended the Securities and Derivatives Industry Association (SDIA) annual golf day at Camden Lakeside Golf and Country Club in Sydney. The event is held at the conclusion of the SDIA Annual Conference and for the second year running the Scholarship program was the beneficiary of monies raised on the day.

Over 80 players competed with the event being sponsored by Citigroup and seamlessly run by Gary Lisbon and his team at Golf Select.

Scott briefly addressed the players on completion of the day in the clubhouse and presented David Horsfield Managing Director and CEO of SDIA with a certificate of appreciation for supporting two children in the program last year. We are hopeful that the day will raise sufficient funds to support another two children this year.

Thank you to David, Edwina Vine and all involved for their support of the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program.

Secbrek just gets better every year!

Over 1,200 people attended Secbrek - the annual breakfast at Crown on Friday 28th May, held each year in recognition and celebration of office professionals.

This year Secbrek raised just over $30,000 for the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program. A fabulous result for the Program as these funds will provide scholarships for children from a waiting list of referrals.

The morning's entertainment was highlighted by the brilliant and inspiring Adam Elliot - director of the Academy Award winning animated film "Harvey Krumpet". Adam reflected with sensitivity and humour on his life, and his journey from childhood through to winning an Academy Award, thus becoming an overnight success.

It appeared that men were scarce on this particular morning until Duncan McLean, Managing Director of Way Funky Trunks emerged on stage with his crew. Way Funky produce a range of swimwear for males and females. Dressed in their "Funky Trunks" the crew delighted the audience as they sauntered about the room collecting raffle tickets from the tables.

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program has been involved with Secbrek for the past three years and is most grateful for the support of Crown and this event each year. As always sincere thanks to Ann Peacock for her commitment to the Program and also to Ian McDonald, Stacey Smith, and everyone behind the scenes at Crown for organising another spectacular morning.

Yanni Meets his Idol Matthew Richardson Thanks to AFL SportsReady!

6 yo Tigers fan, Yanni met his idol Matthew Richardson, and watched the Tigers morning training session thanks to AFL SportsReady. AFL SportsReady is sponsoring Yanni in the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program, this marking the third year of their support of the program. Yanni has Cerebral Palsy - Spastic Diplegia and is working hard at his sessions to improve his physical endurance and strength and to develop his sports skills for participation in modified sports.

HRH the Prince of Wales visits Heartwell Fitness

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program held a physical education session during HRH the Prince of Wales visit to the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville, Thursday 3rd March, 2005.

Thirty children with various disabilities enthusiastically participated in a "Group Work" session actively displaying skills comprised of throwing, catching and kicking.

Mr Justin Madden, State Minister for Sport introduced Scott to Prince Charles. "This is a wonderful Program" His Royal Highness told Scott as he watched the children's acitivity with great interest. Impressed and amazed at the various skills displayed by all of the children.

Before leaving Prince Charles was most generous with his time as he chatted freely with the children and parents.

Heartwell Fitness uses the State Netball and Hockey Centre as a base for working with clients primarily from the western and northern suburbs.

Clubs 4 Kids Afternoon Tea

It wasn't Kevin Sheedy although Essendon full forward Matthew Lloyd standing at 192cm and David Hille at 199cm were impressive replacements.

The annual Clubs 4 Kids afternoon tea was held at the Essendon Football Club - Social Club this year, in the picturesque "Premiers Room". Unfortunately Kevin Sheedy was unable to join us as he was dragged away to an unscheduled media commitment for the Essendon Football Club. The "Premiers Room" overlooks the charming and famous Windy Hill Football Oval. On this particular afternoon the Bombers were on the track for their final training session, in the lead up to their Friday night game against the Blues.

With eight venues, and the CMA sponsoring children again this year, the afternoon tea was well attended as families and their sponsors mingled with ease.

Families and children involved in the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program met with their sponsors for the first time, and were most excited at the opportunity to meet and express their thanks for supporting them in the Program.

A formal presentation was made with the children presenting their sponsor with a "Certificate of Appreciation" acknowledging their Clubs support.

Our thanks to Alan Burton, General Manager - Essendon Football Club - Social Club for generously hosting this event and Marika Pizzey for her help in organising the afternoon. Alan has been a supporter of the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program since 1998 and has sponsored a child every year since.

Thank you to our 2005 Club Sponsors

Samantha Burton - Craigieburn Sporting Club, Julian Cosmi - Maroondah Sports Club, Jim McGrath - The Hastings Club, Grant Tarrant - Moonee Valley Tabaret, Alan Burton - Essendon Football Club - Social Club, Lorelle Anderson - Melton Country Club, Rachael Swanson - Yarraville Footscray Bowling Club, Greg Rossborough - North Suburban Sports Club, Barry West - Club Managers Association

A Call to Arms by Scott Taylor

25 years ago when I started my physical education degree with 60 other first years, I leaned heavily on a core text by Charles A. Bucher called "Foundations of Physical Education". Hardly an assignment was submitted without some quote or slab of work taken from Charles's book, because at the time this was seen to be the bible of the course.

Over 600 pages devoted to analyzing such issues as the nature, scope and philosophy of physical education, physiological and sociological interpretations of physical education, Skinners operant conditioning theory, Hull's reinforcement theory, Thorndike's laws of learning and so on and so forth ad nauseum..........the book was a literal treasure trove of academic concepts that made an 18 year old's head spin!

I saw a picture of Charlie once. A profile shot, black glasses on an academics face, like one you might see in a 60's yearbook. Looked a bit like Clark Kent, the original superman. I must say that through most of my time at College I didn't really connect with Charlie. All except for one line that I found one night and that has stuck with me through my career. Education of and through the physical. For me this little pearl is the cornerstone, the essence.

You see, Charlie the academic knew all about Homer (not from the Simpson's!) but the blind Greek bard who 3000 years ago wrote the Odyssey and Iliad and about their heroes Achilles (the man of Action) and Odysseus (the man of wisdom) with mind and muscle being the perfect components for education. Charlie knew that the only way to develop sound physical education practices was to instill in physical educators and the kids they touched the concept of educating through doing activity and educating about the benefits of being physically active. A balance of knowing and not just doing is the key.

It seems to me that we are losing this balance rapidly. It seems the doing part is more important than the knowing. Physical education being dropped as a core school subject and being replaced by after school sports programs is ludicrous. So too is throwing millions of dollars at obesity campaigns led in clinic like fashion by high profile stars and teenagers in after school positions of responsibility. Increased involvement in formalized sport is surely not the answer. Children need to be equipped with generalized, transferable skills on a regular basis by a qualified individual, in a formalized setting. They need to be educated on correct techniques and know why it is important to their long-term health that they stay active. No other program can replace this simple fact. No amount of money, athlete involvement or television ad campaign can do what sound, school based physical education can. Forget trying to reinvent the wheel. Let's get back to basics. Put the education back into physical education and not try and replace it with some trumped up, short sighted, political campaign.

As Charlie would say its time to put action man and wisdom man together again.

Secbrek 2004

The Secbrek breakfast was again held this year in support of the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program and has to take the cake in terms of the sheer scale of the event. With over 1,000 people in attendance at the Crown Palladium to recognize the work of office professionals, we were blown away by the event and the fantastic support the Program received form all in attendance. Through a percentage of ticket sales, raffles and auctions, over $24,000 dollars was raised for the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program. This has enabled six needing children to gain a 12-month physical education scholarship and made some parents very happy and grateful. It was a fantastic morning and our thanks go to Ian McDonald from Crown for all his efforts in making the event so successful and to Ann Peacock for her terrific, behind the scenes support.

Daniels Big Day

Over the course of the year children involved in the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program are taken out to meet with their sponsor. What an occasion is was for young Daniel when he visited with his sponsor AFL SportsReady. Daniel is a mad Collingwood supporter whose favorite footballers include Nathan Buckley and Shane Woewodin. AFL SportsReady went out of their way and arranged for Daniel to attend a Collingwood training session at their new offices and training facility. Not only was Daniel able to watch his beloved Magpies train, but when their session finished he met the players. However the highlight of the day was his kick to kick with Collingwood captain Nathan Buckley.

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