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Physical Education for all

One of the really great things about our work is the diversity of the people with whom we work.

Physical education and health and fitness for all is the cornerstone of Heartwell Fitness. Since Julienne and I started our physical education service in 1991, we have worked with hundreds of children and adults helping to improve their health & fitness, motor skills, body image and confidence.

Our client base ranges in age from 4-75 years with diverse needs and goals, but our philosophy remains the same. It really is all about educating people to the important long- term role that sound physical education can play in their lives. All staff at Heartwell Fitness hold degrees in physical education or human movement and are committed to passing on physical education values to all our clients.

Although our programs all address individual or group needs, the underlying tenet for all our work is much the same; sound exercise prescription and quality physical education delivery in a fun based, non-threatening environment. We want to equip the people we work with the skills and knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes and feel in charge of their physical well-being.

The great thing about building this business over the past decade has been the interactions with our clients. We have worked with people with some very serious illnesses and injuries as well as corporate groups and elite athletes. All bring different challenges, personalities and variety and we would like to think that our passion for health and fitness and an active life, has empowered this diverse range of clients.

Sure a motor skills program for a 5 year old, an aquatics program for a TAC client with quadriplegia, or a group program for older adults, all have a specific focus, but common to all is the need for goal -based activity and education. We believe our programs serve an important role in the community hope that the physical education for all philosophy continues to reach wider circles.

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