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Corporate Health & Fitness

Executive health & fitness programs are nothing new but "Heartwell Fitness for business" is!

Heartwell Fitness for business offers group and individual programs, in a fun based, non-threatening atmosphere. Forget the ‘biceps and blow wave' approach to executive health, Heartwell Fitness for business is goal orientated & functionally driven, with measurable aims and outcomes designed to increase your health's ‘bottom line'.

Heartwell Fitness for business can be as detailed or relaxed as you like. We can provide top-notch full diagnostic testing, detailed analysis and reports, or less expensive fitness and health screening. But in all cases, setting goals and working with you to achieve them!

Using our expertise in education and exercise prescription, Heartwell Fitness brings to the business community a wealth of knowledge and experience in sound personal and group fitness design.

Heartwell Fitness for business provides time efficient, convenient and accessible programs for today's business people. Programs can be conducted on site, at centrally based venues or in the home, all being specifically tailored to client needs.

Heartwell Fitness for business delivers long-term benefits in developing:
  • Personal health & fitness
  • Sports and game play skills
  • Confidence & self-esteem
  • Workplace camaraderie and team building
  • Energy levels and productivity
  • Stress reduction
  • Lifestyle education & balance
  • Friendships and networking.
  • Fun & enjoyment
Heartwell Fitness for business can involve your self, your colleagues and other businesses, in a friendly, club atmosphere. Programs undertaken include a wide variety of fitness activities and modalities, varying from passive and gentle to more intense and challenging. Individual & team sports and games are included, to improve personal skills, teamwork and fitness.
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