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The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program

In 1997, Heartwell Fitness established The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program with its vision being to provide expert physical educational programs to non-compensable children with serious illnesses, injuries and disabilities.

This truly is a groundbreaking project for special kids with big hearts. Children involved in the program are predominantly funded (sponsored) by corporate and community focused organizations, including some of Australia's biggest companies in an intensive, 12-month program, designed to improve health & fitness, develop motor and sports skills and increase confidence and peer group participation.
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During the sponsorship term each sponsor gets to know "their" sponsored child in a very positive and meaningful way through meetings, regular progress updates and personal correspondence and this personal and intimate relationship is the special feature of the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program.

As awareness of Program has grown so too has the number of children awaiting a sponsorship opportunity. Our work goes on to ensure that the list of sponsors grows to meet the increasing demand of these children.

Children are directly referred to the Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program from the Royal Children's Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre and Yooralla, as well as schools and other community based organisations.

  Children involved in the program have diverse disabilities that range from moderate to life threatening and which not only compromise health & fitness, quality of life, and motor skill development, but also socialisation in school, community sports and normal peer group interaction.

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program receives no Government funding and we rely solely on corporate and community sponsorship, which has proven to be the catalyst for its success

Program sponsors have a wonderful opportunity to change the way of life of a deserving child, often with a severe health condition, in a very meaningful way.

What our Clients are saying!

He joins in all activities and will try everything - not always succeeding, but prepared to give it a go. Heartwell is directly responsible for this. Kris' high self esteem, self motivation and personal physical achievements and desire to "do better and more" are just part of the "spin off" from the Program.
- Helen

This has been an excellent program for Neil. Not just physically but also emotionally.
- Alex and Colin

Ben loves Fridays - Heartwell! His confidence has improved so much! Would be great for other kids to be involved.
- Kristie

I'm very happy with how the Program is run and Lisa often says after doing the exercises "that feels much better now."
- Karen

  For more information about becoming a program sponsor please contact scott@heartwell.com.au

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program

The Heartwell Fitness Scholarship Program
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