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Our philosophy of physical education for all sees Heartwell Fitness offering a range of services accessible to children, adults, special interest groups and organisations.

Heartwell Fitness offers a holistic approach to all their programs. Our physical education programs see not only the importance of physical development and skills, but also the development of confidence and feelings of "can do" for longer-term activity pursuits.

Heartwell Fitness facilitate individuals and groups to achieve their goals through a step by step process, with each step forward generating improvements in physical conditioning, physical skills and confidence.

Julienne and Scott's work and of their committed, professional staff, comes highly recommended by an array of institutions, organisations, professionals and their clients.

What our Clients are saying!

Holly continues to show improvement in her physical well being, increased flexibility and general health and she enjoys her mornings at Heartwell.
- Stephen

Jay has benefited greatly so far, he is much more confident and more willing to join in school P.E.
- April
Our Services Include
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